War of Angels Lyrics

We are fighting for
Rising power of wisdom
We are fighting for
Justice for us all
Far away on a cloudy day, very high above the sky
What a noise like a thunderstorm, who can tell the reason why?
What is it in the silver mist, what the hell is in this place?
Sounds the pain of the cryin' angels who fall into disgrace
Time to take a stand we are fighting for our rights
Fighting for what is right, the Lord will hear our cries

War of angels -- burning with anger
War of angels -- tragedy
War of angels -- war on the wings of destiny

Days and nights, never ending fights, something like a firework
No winners in the final end and the holy home will burn
All we make, and the words we say, we believe with all our faith
So much trouble and pain we have but we go on our own way
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