Ravens' Night Lyrics

Ravens painted black the sky above our hiding place
Brought to us some messages and filled our hearts with faith

Time has come to arise and wait for the sign of destiny's calling
Now we have to be wise and safe for a while then we have to go
Ravens' night is the name of our last fight
Evening falls here we are to break down the walls
We will fight hard until we die
Ravens, give us the sign!
Wiseman gave us all his guidance by those mighty birds
We are all prepared against the evil by his words

Days are passing away together we wait for destiny's calling
Say your last words and pray before it's too late then we have to go

This is not a legend but the story of our life
In this battle we will win or we are gonna die

Come on HEY come on NOW trust and never fear
Come on HEY come on NOW Ravens' Night is here
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