Rise of the Wise Lyrics

One justice, one wisdom, one night of glory and pride
We're fighting for freedom until we die

Inside this evil empire where I live
The b***** walls are the dark signs of tyranny
They took my freedom, soldiers are all around
Who rise against them is forced to the ground
Now it's time for change in battle we unite
This will be our last fight over the dark night

They want to break me or send me to the grave
Maybe I'll die but I don’t wanna be a slave
I saw the ravens the mighty birds of hope
But I see dying in my horoscope
Come on make your choice there's no more time to waste
Join us and break your chains; freedom awaits

Rise, rise up when you feel that's your only choice
Rise, rise up let the world hear your voice
Rise, rise up to defeat evil tyranny
Rise, be master of your destiny
I'm a prisoner in this world there is
No escape if I just lie here and wait
Pain and suffering oh I can't stand it
I must fight against what I loathe and hate

Come along and join us now everybody counts
Hearts on fire we feel the power of freedom that surrounds

Now we hear the ravens' sign, see the falling walls
Revolution the sole solution is here we must go forth
Now or never lets fight together against the evil force
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