Stay Lyrics

I wanna drive you home
I wanna capture you
the way you capture me, sometimes
And then I wanna drive too fast
'cuz I might as well be dead
And I wish, I wish that you were too
Only sometimes
I try to turn these overwhelming feelings into hate
Every time I draw the line my hand begins to shake
So why do I, why do I stay?

Chorus :
'cuz you are the only face I see, you alone
I don't want you to see that
You are the only air I can breathe, you alone

I talk to myself a lot
Makin' sure I'm still here
You manage to steal every little piece of me, sometimes
I just fall from the sky
into all that is you
Funny thing that I can feel the sting
Before I hit the ground
My anger wants to sing but never seems to find a voice
You seem to have a knack for leavin' me without a choice
So why do I, why do I stay?


Why do I, why do I stay? x2

Alone, you alone
You alone

Why do I, why do I stay?

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