Rev It Up Lyrics

We were just startin' out on a dream,
Young enough to believe
Everyone was on our side,
And no one would deceive
But sometimes the truth gets served on a knife,
You gotta stand up and fight
We turned to each other and kicked it in gear
To earn our rock 'n' roll right
Whoa, in a world full of heartache,
Jealousy wears a friendly face
Whoa, we can hold on,
You can't keep a fast car out of the race

Give it all you got, rev it up, rev it up
Push it to the top, rev it up, rev it up
If anyone tries to hold you back,
Don't let 'em run you off the track
Give it all you got, rev it up
Burnin' with the hope of the innocent,
Ready to own tomorrow
We were gonna set the nights on fire,
But doubt pierced like an arrow

Whoa-oh - when no one's in your corner
Dig down deep and you'll find your pride
Whoa-oh - floor it all the way,
What's behind the wheel can't be denied

Every fighter takes a fall,
But don't give up tryin'
Sometimes you fly, sometimes you crawl,
One step at a time

Whoa, Hold on tighter,
When the ride gets a little rough
Don't give in, don't give up


Rev it up, rev it up
Rev it up, rev it up
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