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This cake is half eaten
I don't remember a b***
My soul is badly beaten
and I can't remember the fight
Crawlin' with an open wound
Wipin' the mud from my eyes
Endless guilt is kickin' me
I'll never be free, 'cuz

Chorus :
I live on a page that I can't read
I live in a cage of confusion
I live on a page that can't be turned
I live in a rage, everlasting
I'm slowly suffocating
Under a blanket of questions
Who am I, do I know me?
Am I a box of suggestions?

Well I don't know how this ends
These days we call life
Is there time to make amends?
Well no one knows, 'cuz


I've become, I've become delirious, 'cuz

I live on a page, I live in a cage, I live in a rage x2

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