The Quest Lyrics

A misty morning, I'm awake
The storm has settled, past's the rage
The fever of the wind is gone
The (first) beams of sunlight soon will come
I love the flood, I love the tide
The spinning hurricane's alright
No need to mention the sea - lore
I own the wisdom of...

The sea I know, my bride and my disguise
The answer to all my questions

I'm a creature of the sea,
where I find everything I need
Of every star I know the name,
the benefits of my bright fame
Whatever I've on mind will come,
by day the moon, by nights the sun
As long as I will have a ship,
I can and will sail 'cross...

The sea I know, my bride and my disguise
The sequel of reality

From the stars above, she has come to sail the world,
by her fate enforced to rule
In her veins the blood is of water and of salt,
in her eyes the white is clouds
The finest wisdom I received
from deepest pits and my beliefs
In mystic spirit lies my kind
A world beyond control...

No need for reason in my mind
in lasting faith I do define
My world is filled with finest art
that nature made so kindly...
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