Lords of the Sea Lyrics

Fighting their fear and facing the wrath
of others to join them and flames to impact
no rules of engagement, no spoilers for violent desires
Hungry for power the beasts clash within
the walls of the townhall, where soon one will sing
of merciless battles, fought by the lords of the sea

The beating fists, the fiery breath
of the dragons
fills the place with it's own scent,
the scent of power

No mercy, no mercy!
For the faint at heart, the weak!
They're falling, they're falling!
But no one of them does weep!
Acting as if they were thirsty for death
Unfilled and still mighty their hunger for flesh
Bones cracking loud when the end takes control of those living

Honor is asking a price much to high
when moments of agony soon pass them by
Victory got it's own hell for them as they defend it

"Driven by hate I feel for all of them who take control
of all my want and all my will, I can't deny their end is near"

So my hero takes his final breath
Not a word left before he falls for me
ā€˛Failed to knock them down, I saw thy image crumble as they pass
your dead body lying on a stone as your soul is drained within..."

Before thee, end thee, save thee, behold me...
Force thee, hate thee, kill thee, can't do that...

"Every moment I can get to take a hold of my heart
I try to find a way to keep my life a lasting second on the run"

Eye for an eye, son for a son
Life for a life,
Not! Resist your hate!
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