Seduced Like Magic Lyrics

She took away reality and brought me to this place to see,
I never thought that this could be for real
While often life is cold and I'm sometimes feeling sold,
there seems to be another realm where I can feel a higher sense
The way she brought me there was somehow wicked and obscure,
but like a child I lost the doubt when I saw light
I could not understand how I did breathe and opened eyes beneath the sea,
but my heart followed her call that took me away

Easily she got me done, this night
I never saw something like this before...

To prey I'm fallen, to seductive art
(of) a mistress of the warm sea at night,
a witch of the waves
Storms can't kill the faith in rainbows,
but when the dawn does come you should
wrap your arms around the right one

No need for nothing else I felt and so I could let the ice melt
between us and I took her really near
For a single moment that did take away my sense for what is real
and what was just a great illusion of a dream
Addicted to her fingertips I reached out for her hand, her lips
and finally her cloak did disappear
But when I took her in my arms, and held her close, I felt no heart
and found that she was nothing more than faking me to death

Reason's light had got me back, again
So hard to wake, when all you (thought you) "loved", is gone
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