Traces Lyrics

Silence is the noise I hear
From the world that speaks my name
Infusing my head with a promise of nothing
The meaningless now resonates and reverberates
Flooding through the sleeper's veins, I never dreamed
Lost in Reflection with this obsession to blame
I walk the fine line between forward and rewind
I have foreseen this most vicious storm to come
It will be speechless, it will be violent
Words are buried in the sounds of night
Continue with your ignorance
and bring this silence with you until the end.

Empty shells whispering quietly
They speak to me of a common past
teaching me how to become insane
To silence the ambivalence that's in my head
it is the only possible way to avoid the shame
Reminding me that I must suffer through
Reminding that I must persist
Erasing the traces that you will never find
I hope that you all can forgive me now
I am facing the fact that I am up against fate
So I put it all on the line, Soon it's time

This time what I leave behind is my legacy
I will force my mark upon everyone
The traces I leave, they will speak my name
Day after day, reminding myself
that my motive will overcome the consequences
I won't let repentance prevent my way
I will leave you behind
With no regrets.
Time passes through me in the shape of a dream
clawing ferociously through my memories

The clouds are getting darker
and the winds are colder now
When I am gone, I will be gone
This is irreversible.
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Måsstaden (2011)