Deceit Lyrics

Can you feel the heat that leaks underneath,
from this resistance that you have created?
I defy the curse and the define a new set of rules.
This time and your demise can no longer be separated.
My veins are expanding and contracting, pulsating in a rapid pace.
I can feel this body tremble, acting brave. I hold my breath
And just as I lift my hand Im stuck by reflections struck from the blade
Cutting through the darkened cloud, a piercing light arrives.
I remain in the shadow.
When this moment opens up and truth unfolds, they will see that you were wrong.
You never showed us your face, a bringer of falseness and decay.
You always seemed to have excuses to justify your means.

To take you out became my aim, but this is so much worse.
Your name will be disgraced in shame, as time flows in reverse.
Dawn breaks and dissolves your words to dust and haze.
It burns your eyes. It kills my need. Bring this dagger when you leave.

You must answer for you deceit as the curtain falls.
And if you have the courage to watch behind my back,
Perhaps you will see the a**assin lie dead before your feet.
It will drag you down to the bottom and then down into the abyss.
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Måsstaden (2011)