Eternal Golden Monk Lyrics

You are here, the bringer of despair and privation.
No need to be discreet in your actions.
You come forth from distant soil where you are a stranger
and then you ended up far from home in exile.
We greet you decent, since you are not here to stay.
You're a passenger indulging in our misery.
And as we try to seek your ends, our means are to distract.
You will not see the reasons, because they are hidden well.
Doubtfulness is for the weak.
Such kind is the lone deranger.
Is unforgiveness what you seek?
Then you are marked a stranger.

We misdirect your sight
and feed you with decoy.
You smile and think you know it all
and we will play along.
Let us be and walk your way.
Remember what you have seen,
and tell everyone of this wretched place.
Your words will speak of all my dreams.
When you reach perfection,
you know decline is on its way to bring you down.
When you are asleep,
you know I'm always awake and ready to bring you down.
I know your wounds still burn.
And I know you will leave when the winds turn.
When the winds turn, it brings dissonance into the sky.

Drift like clouds, and flow like water.
Rage like a fire to turn all things black.
Become one with the void.
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Måsstaden (2011)