Moonbase Lyrics

The moonbase was hidden from view on the darkside
Operations were kept under wraps from the public's eye
I was teh head of the experiments focused on sustaining life on the moon
Little did I know, we would use our findings so soon
A rogue government's terrorist operants infiltrated the base
When I stumbled upon their plans, it was too late
Communications had been shut down
There would be no warning
Those of us not involved were just left to
Stand in the light of a dying day
Subterranean cavities beneath the lunar landscape
Would hide their plans in the works to destroy the human race
A biological threat was being sent with haste
The bombs would reach the Earth in just one day
Standing in the light of a dying day
I took a rover to the horizon to have one last look,
but as the light pierced my eyes, shame took my gut
Now I have one wish as i look at my friends
I wish i was on the earth so I could die with them
Virus bombs explode throughout the atmosphere
The virus is absorbed through the lungs
Once the virus enters the system, the blood congeals in the veins
Now the only survivors lie concealed in military bunkers
Awaiting and unsure of their fate
Blind to the origin of the a**ault
Now suspended in fluid wit wires running through their heads
Scanning minds of the scientists until there of no more use to them
Dispose of the bodies to be sure
Now our species is pure
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