Fast Paced Society Lyrics

Fast paced societies jumping forward
Our mind's leap falls short as we plummet toward
Automation through monotony
Magnetic structure binds itself to me
Colorful objects radiating transparent ideals
Robotic drones spreading their vacuum appeal
Robotic c**ture is high velocity
No time to rebel in a hyper society
Mindless through the mediocrity
Containment of all humanity
Alterating their thoughts, contaminated perception
Individuality's lost in a state of mental digression
Too involved to realize
To stubborn to admit
So quickly we accept
Fall in line, and forget
Unable to escape a structure without form
I can't deny my own urge
Into it we are born
Magnetic beacons pulsing down concrete halls
Unknown soldiers march without knowing their cause
The effect is a growing emptiness
Boring out the mind into a hollowed pit
Dependency on sedation is becoming an addiction
Like plays feeding the brain, it fills the hole
A vortexial cauldron of a shadowed soul
I-beams fly by as I fall deep into the constructs
Surrounded by acceleration, there is no escape
Proceed directly through the grey
This will help with efficiency
Perform your function, follow and obey
While this machine operates on your brain

It controls you while your mind is distracted
Dulling your senses while performing personality extraction
'Til all that's left is a sponge for sounds and sights
Routine overkill, hyper socialities
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