VIP (Can You Hear Me Now?) Lyrics

Can you hear me now?
Can you feel me now?
She's a freak in NYC
Hanging in the VIP
And you know she's trying to sleep with MVPs
To get into the BIZ
But lemme tell you
I feel nice when I sip some water with some ice
So if you wanna hold me tonight
You don't have to ask me for the price


Getting in a club isn't hard to do
I can rock for the block party barbecue
I'm not another freak in the VIP
Trying to get free drinks with my t***
I'm unimpressed by material excess
So gimme the microphone and let your stereo check this
You wanna dance?
Get on your feet
All I need is a band and I get on the beat
I feel fine watching you all waiting on the line
I don't need your fancy wine
To show that I know about life

Big w****ing in the VIP
I got a big w**** watch but it still ain't free
I got a really big whip for my PYT
But then it ran outta gas so it's BYE
I wanna floss like BIG-GIE
And party til I DIE
I won't stop til I drop, I'm a PIG
You DIG the rhythm that I BIT
You wanna ask me to see ID? No!
There goes the bartenders TIP bro
You don't know me, I'm a VIP
I just wanna big piece of the PIE
I get down cause I'm digging the sound
I wiggle around and rock to the rhythm
I found a way to move the crowd and it sounds divine
My nouns combine in ways to astound your mind
I got no time to fake, no cake to waste
Don't hate the way that I make breaks relate to words
And it seems absurd but still makes sense
I got much more to say and it's really intense
So yo, get ready to get up, get ready to listen
Cause I just delivered a rhythm for your criticism
Yeah, I can't change who's saying my name
But player haters can't hate it
I ain't playing a game
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