Afrodisiac Lyrics

I don't need to dine by candlelight
Wine or Barry White to set the mood off right
All I need is you tonight
You're an afternoon delight
You whet my appetite so let me have a b***
The s** is outta sight
You know just how I like it
And didn't have to be told
We go to bed but we don't get much sleep though
Eyes can't keep closed, my own private peep show
She knows how to stroke more than my ego
You're a torpedo heading straight for my libido
Hitting below the belt, what a deep blow she dealt
We both just melt in the heat of passion
I see it happen over and over in my head it's like a re-enactment
Of my wildest dreams
It's like a scene from a movie screen
Erotic beauty queen
It don't take much to get me in the mood
All you have to do is walk in the room

You're a natural afrodisiac

d*** I never felt like that before
I just left and now I'm at your door back for more
I'm not asking for a lot just all you've got
First time I saw you my jaw just dropped cause you're so hot
Close your door; make sure it's locked
Cause your way's unorthodox
When your neighbours called the cops they all just watched
And I ain't wanna stop
Nothing can keep me back cause she's a natural afrodisiac our lovemaking's breathtaking
I'm left shaking in front of the bed pacing
Just waiting for the next occasion
I'm usually very patient but now my belly's aching
b***erflies in my stomach, I'm lovesick, you're my medication
No love potion's this potent
You got me open; I'm hotter than molten lava
That's how ya got my juices flowing
An explosion of emotion, the dam's broken
No holding back I'm ready to blow my stack
You're a natural afrodisiac
You're like a book, X-rated
I look through your pages
Almost fainted when I saw you naked
I'm like a boy and you're my favorite toy to play with
A joy you make it to call you lover
Cause you work wonders under the blanket
So let's get physical
I wanna get your whole body under the mistletoe and kiss it slow
Starting with your toes
Then work my way up your curves til I struck a nerve
I feel like such a perv
That's what you do to me
But don't stop you do it beautifully
I don't know if it's love or l***
But oh what a rush
Just your touch does so much
Even brushing up against me accidentally
Sends me into a frenzy no matter how gently
That's why I never took v*****
Cause all I have to do is look atcha

You're a natural afrodisiac
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