Ego Lyrics

I excel with high fidel, like an
amp, made by kenwood
droppin' bombs, wreck these comps
like only a man could
mc troll stay so small, flair go stare to the
I was funky from the day my mother's whomb
met the s****y
skills to win, styles begin, bet I get these skinz
skinz in teams, skim big c.r.e.a.m., then I tap my brim
tell yo man to take a seat when he bleeds with heated ears
that heavy level
break opinion, dominion, got them divided like
the gravel

rock, rock steady
rockin', rockin' steady
rockin' so steady
with a problem called my ego
dizzle-dazzle, razzle, trash all
yep, any stupid brain
rhymes lobotomize, down to smaller size
a fool can play the game
sort of butcher - mean killerfiend - servin' cold cuts
mc cattle slain as such, serve the public for fast bucks
play the glock, while you're green like toe-fungus
sweatin' 'till your shoes and socks
so the duck learns to snug-'n-duck
when he's on the lyrical dot
rock, rock steady --

catchin' props for the job, baby pop
then back to the lab
d***, tonight I excite like amphetamine tabs
party hectic, heavy slammer
catch disease like doctor banner
the bulk play hulk, hawk like peter falk, well it don't matter
on my path, catch the ignorant kids, foolin' my scripts are
play dumbo, like columbo got them chokin'
with robustos smokin'

rock, rock steady --
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