Meanwhile on Main Street Lyrics

The time, the day, the price, the place,
Little exposed, all I've left to waste:
Everything we touch is made for sale.
The size, the shape, the shrinking of "safe",
The middle, it folds while the top is still straight.
Everyone wants the same thing?
Can you live with it?
Is it something we can live with?
Can you live with it?
Can we live with the same weak song, oh.. the "single they say";
One final hit and the French say "la vie... Can you live with it?"
Is there nothing watching over you?
That's a sad way to get saved. You hedge bets existentially. You call it living?
That's not living if the price fixed,
Can we live with it?
The fix is in.
I can't live with it.
At least now that you know what you get paid, now you know what you are worth.
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