Between Two Mirrors Lyrics

I went to the Temple and God was in the ashes,
went to the ocean and God slept with the fishes,
went to the c**ture and God was in the songs,
so I sang along but I can't sing that high.
So I entered the hallway with parallel wishes,
parallel mirrors make unparalleled images.
Infinite reflection. God is between two mirrors.
Is it nothing? Is it Everything?
It all seems so f****** clear in the mirrors cold gaze.
It's a dollar sign or it's your own face.
It's a common sigh.
Realize. Wear it's shame.
You can see forever in the same direction.
Or you can see yourself stretching endlessly...

Stretching out forever.
Endlessly stretching out into forever.
Emptily stretching out into forever.
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