O You Bright & Risen Angels Lyrics

Let's push the b***on
Start the resurrection
Dead traitors and saints
It's time for you to rise
And others afraid
That god is in heaven
No need to be forgiven
No chance to be redeemed
Dance on typewriter keys
Outside of history
The judgments are profane
The Judgments pre-made
Nothing to lose
But your last feeble principles
"Unite, unite unite!"
Up and onwards
Up and onwards
O you bright and risen angels
We've been so alone without you
We've been so lost without you

Let's flip the switch
Power to the masses
Flood all the circuits with fire
Blue globes are breaking
A violent reaction
Return, return, return
Up and over
Up and Over
O you bright and risen angels
The spring will come
Without you

The sun will rise
Without you
We'll be just fine
Without you here
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