The Drive-Thru Lyrics

( *commercial on the radio* )

I wanna have a MeatShake
I wanna have a MeatShake

I wanna know the secret

I wanna know the secret

I gotta have a MeatShake

Gotta have a MeatShake

I gotta know the secret

I gotta know the secret

I w..

[ couple in car ]

You know hon, I'm, I'm kinda hungry a little bit

Ehm, one of these MeatShakes kinda sounds kinda good

Yeah, it sounds... trippy

Yeah, let's uh, let's check it out, check it out

Look, there's one over there

Oh yeah yeah yeah, I'll pull over

I got the money

Alright, let's go to the drive through

Yeah, definitely, definitely

I could use a shake

(Hello and welcome to MeatShake)


Hi, how are you there?

(I am doing meaty good)

(Well, may I take your order) Yeah, my wife would like a shake

(Okay, what flavor do you want? We have chicken, pork or steak)

Huh? (We also have our special of the month Turkey Jerky

So which one will it be?) Mh - I think that you misheard me

(Hello?) Maybe I spoke too soft or you just didn't listen

(You said you want a shake) Yeah, but then you mentioned chicken?

(Uh-huh, or steak or pork or Turkey Jerky) Right, I'm confused

(Oh, I see you're not familiar with ingredients we use

First we take a measure of the sweetest dairy creams

Combine it with your meat of choice, along with cheese and beans

We mix it in a juicy batter, then we heat it up

And add the secret syrup, then serve it in a cup)

Yuck! That sounds disgusting (I see you're not excited)

But wait until you tried it, you'll want it in your diet)

Ah-ah (It's a warm and tasty way to eat your daily beef

And it's very, very smooth, you don't have to use your teeth
It's kinda like the brooth a pregnant women gives her fetus

It builds you up and makes you strong) People really eat this?

(We've served a half a million and they've all been satisfied

We're expanding new locations and they're growing nationwide

But back to the shake (Okay) All you have are meats?

(Ah-ha) What about chocolate, strawberry or peach?

(Well, we do have vanilla) Now that sounds delicious

(But it's Vanilla Ham, we only make it during Christmas

Maybe you'd be happier to go across the street

You could eat at Veggie Hut where they don't use any meat

They play world music so it's perfect for a hippie

You can talk about communism, meat-hating sissy)


(Beat it granolas)

We're not granolas

(Don't you have a protest to get to or something?)

That's so lame, this place sucks

So rude, honey, he just called me a sissy to my face

I'm not a sissy

(Shouldn't you be reading _Dianetics_?)

We're outta here
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Taste the Secret (2003)
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