Left Behind Lyrics

You better hurry up or get left behind
like your hairy dairy-aire where the sun don't shine
tom slick on the tracks through the streets of mine
and thanks to einstein I got beats to rhyme
Design like a porcupine - UNTOUCHABLE
I'm a full course meal, you're a lunchable
This beat will self destruct...
5, 4, 3 - tiz, hold up

Blowin off like a coo-coo clock
I was kickin w/ the beats then my show flew off
cause I rock with better timing than a metronome
set the tone, looking for respect alone
on the throne, put in the work like Soloman Burke
to take over the world like an ottoman turk
but the buzz unlikely, the rockshows nightly
the wow with excitement
I'm out like spike lee

I run through your city like a pullin train
and blow the roof off like a hurricane
I'm sick, so sick I got my own disease
the doc said I had to kick some flow with ease
80 hundred degrees, I blow my nose and sneeze
I'm so cool, they call me cool breeze
your going downhill like an avalanche
and your full of more than a cattle ranch

Yep, you, the cat who said that we were through
too old school, need to do something new
your slippin like i'm throwin a banana peel on the ground
and you can kneel to the man of steel
as I leap to the sky with a bird's eye view
and you must be hi like a nerd's IQ
Do your homework, press rewind
you better go back before you get left behind

left behind...
you better hurry up and get left behind

I spit quick like a lizard's lick
and slick as if I was the grand wizard rick -hit
with the fans, me and Bizmark man
split commands cause penny like a shark spin
when the beat starts, stop eatin hard
teeth extremely sharp, coming at your beaty hearts
Bigger the mess at a discotec
the crowd crazed like I got gizmo wet

I dibbled and dabbled on roads less traveled
I kicked up dust and kicked up gravel
No sleep 'til Brooklyn as well as Seattle
young Einstein with the funky piano
and i'm on a mic with Mick Jagger's lips
you - "he's all that and a bag of chips"
you can't get with this, you might slip a disc
Better take it as a warnin - like I slit my wrists
Like heavy d - steady b - rappin is my pedigree
people lookin good at me, rhymes roll readily
I hold it down like a paper weight
to make em happy like I baked a cake - see
I can take a brick and mold it to shape
cause when I'm rippin and my word is like an iceberg
here's the tip of it
A little message, I hope we get through
so you can move like a fetus in the fallopian tube

I'm full strength like a cyclops eyedrops -
I got support like hightops
I keep the mic hot 'til you turn the lights off
then I'm nocturnal like a nighthawk
swoop down when I search for prey
you better run and hide from the words I say
I keep it tighter than cornrows
and I'm a stop rappin when the horn blows

left behind

better hurry up and get left behind
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