Opening Act Lyrics

[ bouncer ]

Everybody over here, I need one straight line
Alright, let's see tickets, ID's
Alright, thank you
Turn around, hands on your head

Ah, what you got here, okay..

No, no problem

Thank you very much, enjoy the show tonight

[ audience members ]

Cool, we're in, man
It's gonna be dope, can't wait
Who's opening act?
Who cares?

[ promoter ]

Yo yo yo, how everybody doin tonight?
Let me welcome y'all to the show
Everybody ready to party?
Yeah yeah
Brought to you by MeatShake
Now I know who y'all came here to see
But before they come out, uh, we got
We got this one group, uh, what are they called?
Oh that's right, yeah
Ugly Duckling, everybody, Ugly Duckling

How's everybody doin?


We're the opening act
We do a couple songs and we don't come back
And when we're finished we'll be hoping you clap
We're the opening act

1-2, what's up y'all?

[ VERSE 1: Andy C & Dizzy Dustin ]

We're the opening act and we're here tonight
At a club near you with the band you like
In fact, it's your favorite band, you're a superfan
Who wouldn't miss it for the world, so you thought up a plan
You bought your tickets in advance, you left your house on time
You drove 45 minutes, then you waited in line
And when you finally got in and made your way to the stage
You were very disappointed when we started to play
We're the opening act, please try to be patient
We been writing songs and rehearsin in our basement
This isn't just a gig, it's a place to be seen
And a chance to be heard, see, we're chasin a dream
And we truly hope that you'll enjoy the way we entertain
So when you go home you'll remember our name
We know you waited two years for your favorite band to tour
But you're stuck watchin us who you never heard before


We're the opening act
Some people even poke fun and they laugh
But most just drink and smoke in the back
Know why? We're the opening act


[ VERSE 2: Andy C & Dizzy Dustin ]

We're the opening act, we get drinks and snacks
And a backstage pass and some money for gas
The stage manager asks, "Are you ready to go?"
There's only 50 people here and it's a sold out show
Can't we wait until the club is full? "No, you gotta hurry"
"The schedule says you need to be done by 8:30"
8:30, why so early, there's a line around the block?
"No one cares about the band in the opening spot"

We're the opening act, we don't have any hits
The club owner and the show promoter don't know we exist
So we're never on the flyers or the marquees
It's so quiet when we play, I hear people drop their car keys
A couple people rock, a couple people boo
But most just wish that we were through
So the biggest cheer we get is when I say, "Here's the last song"
Cause they know the headliner is about to come on
We're the opening act, we hope you have a nice evening
We'll keep working harder and we'll never stop believing
Maybe some day we'll ride the tour bus
And you'll be coming out to see us
But for now we're the opening act

(On with the show)

(We're gonna be in yo town soon)

We're the opening act

To the people on the right

We're the opening act

(On with the show)

(Even when promoters give us the cold shoulder)

We're the opening act

To the people on the left

Somebody say I wanna rock right now, come on
Say I wanna rock right now, everybody
Say I wanna rock right now, anybody
Come on, say I wanna rock right now, please

(You guys suck)

We are - the opening act
That's us

Ugly Duckling

Enjoy the show

Here we go
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