When You Cry Lyrics

You're Save - Reborn
I Can See - Your Passionate Horns
Now I Know That You Don't Regret
What You'Re Doing to Me
What You'Re Doing to Me
In The Fight - Pulling Out
When The Thunder Brings You Down
You Wont Leave Me Hanging Around
When You Cry It'S Like A b***erfly
In My Heart
So You'Re Right
I Heard You Through
The Window Last Nite
You Been Shaking Like A Leaf
On A Tree Of Winter
Pulling Out - You'Re In Love
Got A Heinous - Storm Coming
You Won'T See Me Again
You Let Me Love You - In your
Naughty Gaudy Charm
The Storm In your Face
It'S Come A Long Way
Your two Bare Feet are Mistaken, Maybe
What Was Taken - What Was Added
What Was Dropped
What Was Shattered
There'S Nothing you Could Do
You Knew Nothing Would be Done
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