Devil's in Love Lyrics

I wanna go to Hollywood
I wanna meet a b******, a convict
and a queen
I wanna Wear platform shoes
I wanna be pleasantly obscene
I wanna look out my window and
see love on the streets
I want the world at my feet
The devil's in love can't you see
The devil's in love just with me
The devil's in love, can't you tell
He's gonna put me in the movie
I hide my chakra under the bed
Where Do I Sign, When Do I Get
You know what
money, cars, homes, stars,
anything, everything
heard you don't collect until I'm
lying in my stink
7/11 I got the part
honor in the fire hardcore to start
shot up to prove
shot up some more
shut up baby
get on Your Knees & Pray
oh I'm Living In The Hills Now And
i've Got Every Thing I Ever Wanted
women Standing In Line And Crimes
of Everything I Ever Dreamed Of
so What's The Catch?
yeah I'm Feeling
pretty Good Right Know
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