Pieces of Time Lyrics

From My Train Window In
The Dining Car
I'Ve Seen A Herd Of Cloned Cattle
They All Look Like Each Other
They All Look Like My Friend Pete
He Once Told Me He'D Been A Cow
In A Drean Eating
Grass By A Stream
Staring Up At The Stars
Looking For The Moon
They All Were Each Other
Pieces Of Time / Hard To Define
A Word In A Song
A Kiss Or A Rhyme
Pieces Of Mine / All In A Line
Mean Nothing To You
But Something To Me
Jenny'S Gone Down To Woodstock
To Say Good Bye To A Friend
I'D Like To Make A Record There One
Day She Said
I'Ve Seen A Happy Tear In Her Head
As The Conductor Carved His
T-Bone Steak
My Mouth Began To Salivate
The Blood Ran Down The Plastic
Plate / Hope I'M Not To Late
Johnny Passed A Stone
Showed It 2 Me
It Looked Just Like A Raisin
With A Triangle / Upon His Head
He Went Out And Slay Them
Sweet P Sang Me Into A Dream
That I'D Never Been
I Thank Her For It
The Flat Head Of Mozart Is Back
& I'M The Only One That Knows That
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