Turn It Up Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I saw the clouds roll in and run across the sky
And I hope that, I really hope that
That when the sun burns through and I am left to try
I know that, I think I know that
I'll get the glory, we'll win the fight
They'll tell the story of how we took tonight
And I will show you that I'll wear the crown
I thought I told you, that you can't keep
You can't keep me down

Turn it up...
[Verse 2]
And if the stars should fade abandoning the dark
You'll see me, I know you'll see me
And when the flame has gone that cools your frozen heart
You'll need me, you know you'll need me, yeah

I don't think they get what we got goin' on right now
The way this place is burnin' up they gon' have to shut us down, but they can't
No, with the way we rock and the way you roll, so baby lets go
No we ain't never gonna stop let me see you lose control
Drop it low and get down on it, show me that you want it
Sound so supersonic baby this is how it goes

Turn it up...

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