Meet the Crew Lyrics

Lonely Island, we got the whole family here
Time to meet the crew yall

My name is Worm, you could call me J August
Ride around town b**pin Fugees in a tortoise
Yo, I"m Artemus Prime, also known as Young Sandwich
The Lonely Island got amigos like my man John Lanis

Keith in the house but you can call me young dad
Rockin pick Adidas, never wear prat

I"m little Tony, I"m always playin with Max
Make you run out the room "cause my booty"s gang

I want the fat one, they call me Fat Bob
I get all the ladies even though I"m a slob

I"m Piccolo Pete, I"m a part of the crew
You"ll know that it"s me from the sound of my flute

Hell I"m Sick Eric, I"m always sick
You can catch me on the corner taking antibiotics

They call me Smooth Guy cuz I be drinkin mad smoothies
You think I got my name from my voice, that just ain"t soochy
They call me Creepy Z, you know I do my own thing
My rhymes ain"t good but I"m fun in small doses

They call me Boring Steven, I don"t know why
My rhymes are dope and my whip is fly (it"s f***** awful)

I"m a rich guy, I"m doin this as a lark
My sense of humor is extremely dark

I"m new to the crew and no one trusts me at all
If they"d get to know me they"d see I"m a ball

People call me Tiny, my name is ironic
I"m 12 feet tall, my life is hard
I"m a little lost, is this the right studio?
I work for Rod Stewart, you know what? I"m gonna go

I wear stripes that match the wallpaper
I"m hiding now but I"ll surprise you later

Well my name is Greg and I"m on the phone
It was my mom"s birthday so I had to fly home

We"re the Booty Twins, all we smoking Budapest
Never propses, Budapest is the best

Hey, I"m Rod Stewart, I"m lookin for my tech
He"s always wondering off, what a pain in the neck

So there it is, 1/3 of the crew
The rest couldn"t be here or phone in
But best believe they are amidst
Lonely Island, we out
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