Go Kindergarten Lyrics


A: Party people.
R: Party People
A: We have taken control of your minds
R: Your minds
A: So get on the floor.
R: Oh Yeah
A: Cause it's time, to kick up dirt, Now lets work.

Hey, we gonna dance tonight
Okay, we all shining bright.
Let the music take you away.
Don't ask questions just do everything that we say.

J: On the floor.
Ladies shake that a**.
Shake that, shake that a**.
Work it, twerk it, drop it fast.

A: Fellas. Whip your d*** out.
Whip, whip your d*** out.
Indiana Jones and
whip your f*****' d*** out.

K: Now punch your friend.
Punch, punch your friend.
Get on the f*****' floor
and punch your best friend.

J: Make your b*** look flat.
Make that s*** flat.
Use the art of perspective.
Or hide it in a hat.
ALL: Go stupid. Get stupid.
Because we said to do it.
Go dumb, eat garbage
We goin' kindergarten.
(Dumb, Dumb)

Yeah, we know some of it
might seem strange.
But don't think, just obey.
Let the music play.
Cause we put it in a song.
So do everything that we say.

A: Have a mother f*****' baby on the floor.
Raise it in the club,
homeschool it by the door.

K: Now be ambidextrous,
f****** ambidextrous.
We'll come around and test you.
It's a biggie on our checklist.

J: Now ladies, whip your d*** out.
Whip whip your d*** out.
Don't ask how,
just f*****' figure it out.
A: Now make your bootie speak
Teach that a** English
Make it suck helium
And talk like this

All: Now eat a banana.
Potassium for stamina.
Then build a school, burn it down.
Get on the floor and do it now.
f*** a house, eat a shoe
All because we told you to

R: So raise your glass then break the glass
Then stomp your bare feet on the glass
Champagne corks, pop them off
Middle fingers up now chop them off
A: Then pose nude for a family friend
R: Never speak of it again
J: The party is here and you can't escape
R: So just do everything that we say

All: Go zombie, be brainless
Here we are entertain us
Get stupid, go moron
We goin kindergarten
(Dumb, Dumb)
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