Shout (Street Respect) Lyrics

Hear you shout
Dutty then a tell them once again yow!
Sly them a tell them once again hey yow!
Sean Paul and we a tell them once again
Taxi haffi set the new trend
Kick up the bass up and make I bun up the place up
Make i pick up the pace up and make them wine up them waist up
We them want fi erase up but we style them embrace up
But them can't stop the music so great up weh we create up
Me say year onto year me haffi a tell them straight up
Man a no punk
Man a no fool
Definite we sent no bait up
Unu fi listen to the lyrics â??pon de riddim weh we state up
If you love how we sound let me see you hand then wave up
[Chorus: x2]
Me want fi hear you shout shout shout
From you love the lyrics coming out me mouth mouth mouth
No doubt we got the street respect
And you know say that it never counterfeit yet
Vibes weh you get

We block it and rock it and make them just can't forgot it
When we chat it we lock it and now we see them a follow back it
Then want fi copycat it but we a top a top it
Them no want fi see we clock it neither fi see we chop it
Them use it and fuse that a de history of we music
When we fan them a choose it should never let them abuse it
Them a try fi confuse it like them want fi lose it
But all weh them a gwaan we still deh ya boost it
Just turn up the treble and the bass make it play
Party non-stop from a night till day
And no matter weh the hypocrite and critic them a say
Reggae music deh ya fi stay
Weh me go so then
[Chorus: x2]
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