Police Skit Lyrics

Pull ova man, pull ova, pull ova
Stop right here so
Lock off your car
Step out the vehicle wit you documents, please
Hm, You know why I pull yu ova?
Ah, officer bwoy, me ina rush

Did I give yu the right to blow trough di stop light like that

Gee, me never even see it, me neva see

License and registration, license and registration please

Aright, everything is in order

Sean Paul, you in trouble Sean Paul bwoy, what you do?

Bwoy me a DJ, you know

DJ, Oh! Disc Jockey, a mean you play on da radio?

No man, no

What station you play?
No, I'm a artis

Artist, a you paint house, you paint
What you paint?

No, No, No, musical artist

Music artist, you play instrument,
Look inside di car if you see any instrument
Inside there

Hol on, Hol on nuh, you a get me wrong,
You know, Sean Paul, man, Entertainer

Enter--Oh, me know all a unnu,
I know entertainer, Oh pass me di newspaper
Let me see di entertainmenr section
And see Mr. Sean Paul is in the entertainment section.
Mmm, sean, paul. I see one man inside here so,
Wit orange hair, head look like carpet, him na look like you at all, you know.
I see a next one here so, I'm wear a dark glasses
And I don't see, a dreadlocks one,
But you don't have dreadlocks?
Say you need dreadlocks in yu business you know,
You need dreadlocks
I nah really put in dreadlocks

But your not in di paper at all, I don't see Sean Paul in di paper. You just
Not in the paper,from you not in the paper, you nah popular, that's how I see,
In my books that's how it is, you not popular at

What is dat? What is that cologne? Is weed, hmm?
Jesus, its weed the man stink a weed, you know?
Bwoy stink a weed, come on! Impound the vehicle!
Sleep ina jail tonight, that it!
Yu goose cook now! You tried to fool me up before,
You nah fool me again, that's weed! Come on, that's it, finish
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