Concrete Lyrics

A the gal them international DJ comin'
Through, so yow!
Respect due all the man
Them inna the street but the gal inna me fleet
[Chorus: x2]
Woman you physique concrete
Can't delete you fat
Because you buff up complete
24 hours seven days of the week
Want you listen to me voice when it come true the speaker
Move 'pon you feet

Well I got to give thanks and praises
Fel the gal them
Fel the gal them lingerie laces
Fel the gal them quietest of faces
We take them out to hype places
And take them back to we bases
Because we wet them oasis
Wet them oasis me go so
A Sean Paul we biggin' up the gal them
We mark them out o'ten who gave
The biggest design
Me seek and me find which one ago be mine
Sent from above you know them well define
[Chorus: x2]

So what is the hold up
You want your body control up
Den come and jump on me pole up
Is why you acting so cold up
Hold on make me stone up
And tiger bone up and roll up
And get me sittin' well grown up
And den you started to monk up
Catch it woman you know you got the body
Man a watch it
And every time you pass 'pon the road
You a flash it
A so we get fi know say that you physically fit
You too legit to quit
[Chorus: x2]
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