The Amber Light Lyrics

The charred wood now stirs, somewhere truly lost.
white haze to blur the years.
The amber light, torturous writhe.
Unconsciously enslaved and wrought, to the end.
Siren by the drying brook, weak from this emptiness
that you feel, are you not just a dream?
Murder by the temple road, split from this existence,
that you feared. This world will never be... clean.


Bittered, nevermore these words.
Plagued by a chain of violent memories.
Miles of winding orchard, weaving the ruins wide,
ceaselessly aflame and burning white.

This weight...
All, forlorn...
I was prodigious...

Strength, despite the cold asunder.
Waste, in spite of life, you sacrifice.

Winds, invite the dusty slumber
Time, relentlessly you destroy.

A curse befalls dusk, somewhere truly lost.
Unconsciously a slave to thought, in the end.
Raging cataclysm, from the abysmal depths
of the mind, escape the rising tide.
Mist so unrelenting, under the jaded moon
Glowing through, a gift of amber bloom.

This wait...

Withered, nevermore this path.
All of my peace has faded into dawn.
Buried in the orchard, scalded of deception,
paralysed and silent as the grave.

This weight...
All, forlorn...
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