Submission Lyrics

From the moment you came to me
I saw a fragile weakness to create,
To mould another victim to suffocate
Hear me!
I'm a weak and hollow shell
Fill my thoughts with your words
Make me whole and worthy now

I pray...
Guide me to heaven...
I'll instruct in the way you should go
Created sick, you're commanded to be well
Submit or perish, take your pick.

Inflict pain for the one you love
And set yourself free
....Set me free!

I submit to your words
An open soul to evolve
Show me how I should see
On my knees begging you, please...
Tamed by the greatest myth
Whose parasitic worms
Writhe deep within
The droning twilight of your mind

Spiritual hatred's
Now all that you know
With an undivided heart you shall
Feel the lash of another blow

For my sins
I chase forgiveness
Exhausted I kneel,
Please, never untie me
I am where I belong
Wake Martyr
Rise Martyr

Deceived, never free
Enslaved psychologically
A void I try to fill
As you consume me

Observe the mass decay as all obey
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