Disembodied Mind Lyrics

As I peer into the depth of tranquility
Through spiraling mist and towering flame,
Obsidian rings become clear to me
And from that path a voice screams my name.
Split ears screech with deafening tones,
Clenched jaws grind enamel away,
Eyelids seal with blow torch glows,
A wretched figure commands me to stay.

The old hag beckons;
Now chained to her will.
No choice but submission.
Is her job to kill?
Visuals glow with frenzied pace,
Dry throat leaves a bitter taste,
Constricted lungs begin to fill
With laughter from her shrouded face.

A haggard cloaked manifestation
Of a hypnagogic delusion?
Or supernatural intervention
The likes of which we dare not mention?
Disembodied mind!

Limbs contract while sinew steams
Upon the groans of joint-less bones.
Fear-gripped heart begins to beg
For release from the tyranny
Of the hag at the end of my bed.
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