Wanderlust Lyrics


You might think I'm settled, you might think I'm satisfied
Got the sweetest woman a man ever lay alongside
So it seems so strange that this restlessness keeps building
up inside
Got to wander, i got to see what i can see
Because wanderlust got a hold on me

You know how to love me, you give me everything a
man could need
I get you when I want you but you understand if I have
to leave
There's a hunter in my blood and I don't if i can
stop the flood
Got to wander, I got to get out on the street
Because wanderlust got a hold on me

I'd never leave you, I love you too d*** much
Just sometimes I get hungry for the thrill of a stranger's
Don't think that you're losing just because i'm out there
John - guitars, 2nd solo, organ, lead vocal
Larry - guitars, 1st solo, vocal
Wells - drums, vocal
Lance - bass, vocal
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