Turn Out the Light Lyrics

Turn Out The Light

Now the time has come again when all your work is done
And you need to rest awhile although it seems you've just begun
Come lie here beside me, we can lay our burdens down
Let the battle rage outside 'cause we've found our peace
for now .
We're here together such a short time it's true
(Won't you please) Turn out the light
Kiss me good night
And the let the darkness shine through
I can see as your eyes close what a rough day you've had
But one night in my arms will show that things aren't
really so bad
The dark side's a blessing when you have done all you can
I can't change the past now but we can dream of a sweeter land

We don't need electric light
Because the moon is full and bright
We got our own electricity
I can feel it when you're close to me
John - electric guitars, lead vocal
Larry - organ vocal
Lance - bass vocal
Wells - drums, vocals
Barry Beckett - piano
Marilyn Mason and the Dixie Doo-Doo Birds - backup vocals
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