Mountain Lyrics


Head up on a mountain just in back of town
And I thought that you were coming up
But I can see you want me back down
If you do you got a surprise
Cause I can never back down in your eyes
We can surely be best friends
It doesn't have to end

We were so unhappy and afraid to be apart
Now I guess we're growing up
And I can feel a big jump in my heart
And if we don't want this dance to repeat
We got to make up a brand new beat
When you hear me singing this song
You know it won't be long
Someday when the sun is shining
And the wind don't blow so cold
We might return here
And before we get to old

But now I'll stay here on my mountain
And howl at the the moon
And be thankful for the way things are
I just hope they don't change too soon
But nothing ever stays the same
And if it did it would be a d*** shame
Sp I'll keep on singing the same old song
It's the same old song
Larry - electric piano, lead guitar - 2nd solo, vocal
Wells- accoustic piano, drums, lead vocal
Lance - bass, vocal
John - lead guitar - 1st solo, rhythm electric guitar
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