The Worst / Overshine Lyrics

Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!!
Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!!

Aiyyo, staircase to stage now, major waves
Tanktop Nautica, flippin your daughter thirty ways
Yeah who want mine? Bent outta shape, one time
Play the mall, starin at your beautiful, sunshine
Watch my s*** shift, n***** in the back, wigs lift
You know the stats God, don't even ask pah, back slit
Raw drug raps, thug hats and mob hats, spit on that cat
This yellow love n**** f***** with a rich cat
My s*** now, 5 feet 6, with a crisp hat plush
Throwin down on thirty bricks, n***** is with that
Though, federados locked my man yo, hit lotto
Three-hundred thousand dollars in the bottle, b**** math is how
my technique, rover in the robe, gold link
You know the code read, suitcase money, stow heat
Rock Navi's though, hundred dollar bags valet
That n**** crabbed me, gamin himself, like Milton Bradley

[Fredro Starr]
Yo the semi-automatic glock this, unlock this
The weed spots get knocked, it's so hot chicks is topless
Whips are spotless, chrome rims spin obnoxious
You can't knock this, bust a shot you better not miss

X-1 wild out, and make you watch this
'til your eyes turn red with blotches, eatin scraps out the garbage
Unload a cartridge, and bust a cap
X could never trust a cat, Onyx is as hot as it gets
b****** f***** for free, is outta the quest'
Blow blood outta your flesh, your body outta your vest

[Fredro Starr]
I draws the heat from across the street
Fly you up off your feet, you die livin short but sweet
Street crime, time is money, n**** don't waste mine
Dispose my 9, throwin your shine, your froze in time
Lookin at death, holdin your breath, laid out
On the dance floor, blood and Moet, I'm blowin your set
Trick twenty G's, no sweat, your goin in debt
I'm goin for broke, I'm blowin out smoke, you catch a stroke

Wu-Tang and Baldhedz, Swiss foreheads, leave you all red
X-Milli-on, fully armed, illest beyond your realest form
Bringin the storm, forseein you warned
Nuttin keepin me calm but heat in my palm
Sleep and you gone, you see what I'm on? Creepin outta the dark
Scatter your parts from here to Battery Park

[Chorus: ODB samples from "Protect Ya Neck (Radio Edit)"]
First things first man, you're {f*****} with the worst
First things first man, you're {f*****} with the worst
First things first man, you're {f*****} with the worst
You can't slam, don't let me get fool on him man!
Steal master grab half the cash fast and bash
and splash yo' class, mash your staff, WHAT?!
n**** get smacked, you ain't worth a punch, hurt your bunch
Get merked in front, in the wrong circle punk!
Mack clever n***** dat regga'
Catch you on the d-lo in Mecca and Etch-a-Sketch ya
Shake and erase, vacatin your s***e, breakin your face
Straighten your waist, twist you, and won't miss you
Official Nast and Killa Bee, full blast, get off smash
Pull fast for your stash
Long as the war last, foot up in your a**
Tryin to count more math, bring in the hardcore rap

[Killa Sin]
Yo; we be the mainstream
supreme rhyme top of the line cuisine fiends
Number one love for thugs queens schemin on cream
My whole team love, the E-cup bras and mobb cars
Killa Sin known for makin n***** reach for the stars
This terrorist, lyricist in the midst of the abyss
We cannabis evangelists, iron palms with metal fists
Wu build, like construction and bang, like percussion
All the Planet Battery packs combust and malfunction, what kid?

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Sticky] Holy s***!! Who the f*** is dat?
[Method] It's John John
[Sticky] Sticky Fingaz kid, you got my back?
[Method] I got your back cousin
[Sticky] I got the mack-dozen
[Method] And when them n***** start jumpin, bust back cousin
[Sticky] Cause it's a new year, time for some new s***
[Sticky] Nowadays rappers dyin over music
[Method] Dead on arrival
[Method] We raised in the ghetto singin songs called survival
[Method] Duckin homicidal, you rivals
[Sticky] Yeah yeah, Onyx/Wu-Tang, on tracks we g*******
[Sticky] Chitty-bang-bang
[Method] Chitty-chitty-bang-bang
[Method] Hot Nix' spit flame, lava pump through my veins
[Method] Caught in the zone, home on the range
[Sticky] Aiyyo you rang for ferocious, atrocious
[Sticky] We got that supercalifragalisticexpiala-
[Method] - dope s***!
[Sticky] Eight ball in the corner pocket
[Method] We s***** wallets off the white collared
[Method] The Big Apple forever rotted
[Method] Narcotics hunt the hard target, Hot Nix'
[Sticky] SO WHAT THE b**BA CLAAT?!
[Method Man]
Pop s***, we do the knowledge
To shark n*****, once bitten
Major swingers heavy hittin
Poly your kitten, throw up your mittens
Stop b******, no slippin, no pot to p*** in
The meltin pot's boilin hot now in Hell's Kitchen

[Sticky Fingaz]
Yo, yo, Sticky Fingaz, one of the illest m************
BELIEVE DAT!! My moms don't raise no suckers
I slap rappers, turn 'em into singers
Touch somethin of mine and you'll have NINE fingaz!

[Method] Enough said, let's paint this whole f***** town red
[Sticky] And RIP .. they whole crew to a shred!
[Sticky] I got cold blood
[Method] I pull yo' plug
[Sticky] I hold, bust
[Method] Show no love
[Sticky] I'm so bugged
[Method] Shoot yo' home up
[Sticky] And shoot up the whole club
[Method] We throw slugs

[Sticky Fingaz]
You ain't no thug!
I earned every God d*** penny that I got
Son I'm rollin shotgun in the convertible
I wish a n**** WOULD WHAT?
Try to f***** jack me, I'll MURDER YOU!!!


Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!!
Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!!
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