Broke w****** Lyrics

To all you rappers out there
With money and fame
Rockin a foreign car
Everything brand name
Broke w****** with no money
Keep runnin yo game
Can't forget all our thugs that's locked in chains
[Fredro Starr]
we ain't have s*** growin' up, now we blowin' up
hundred G's a show, price low enough
ghetto struck, layin in the cut
with the metal mack 11, what
no cup, sippin amaretto 7-up
the wet life, s*** is liquid
my wife trippin' my whole clique got s*** to whip it
last switchin
Benz to Benz skippin, superstar hittin
your whole world is ice rippin, you like sniffin
you like s***tin, tricks trickin, rolly with the inscription
watch a rich n**** clickin'
same s***, different day, mad cash to play
When I walk my chains swing
I drew swing hevily ill from Beverly Hills
I paid 20 g's
d*** son it better be real
We holdin your deals, its 70 mils
eaten meals of Beverly pills
Now watch how the bubbly spills

[Chorus] (2x)

[Sticky Fingaz, (Sonsee)]

I grew up in the PJ's and wore the same gear for 3 days
sit to get a blunk out I want to blew a mill in the month
from a low life, the one I go shopping,
I'm not worried bout no price, i wear the same clothes TWICE!
f*** the PO-LICE!
Its hydro stuff L's, six plus sells
stones heavy on the scales themselves, X-L
strait G's, moneys and properties
black F-G 15's, weightin trees and OC's
We old g's always O.T.-in on a low-key
spit more game than goldie, your b**** chose me
suppose WE most-LY, do em slow-LY
we play 'em close-LY, stayed on city cakes, they get erase them!
A sucker for a pretty face, with a twenty waist
who's Benz I hit two twins in a blue Ventz
and we're in destroy deals, a house flow for reals
cause white-collar crimes equal dolla' dolla' sign!

[Fredro Starr, X-1, Sonsee, Sticky Fingaz]

yo we went from rags to riches and get pitches
with mad b******, yo, you can get a autograph
or one shot, from the semi-auto pass
rap n***** flippin more then halfs
livin it up, takin all the cash, GIVIN IT UP!
we set it up, on a low tilt it up
in the black quest, pass s** to the extress
from out the blackness, straight on the boulevard
lookin for somethin to get my hands in
a strippers dancin in the mansion
word up, that's how we operate
uncut n raw
the players copping, fake c**ies stepped on twice
put your money on the street n***** under the lihgt
and hold your money tight
kids to die, raze em up, and roll 'em twice
even rich n**** a** better so trife
we'll gamble mo off yo life
true i couldn't see well
flip my p12, rover key to the e-mail
wish a hundred tell, g'd out, I walk the hog, I beat jail
y'all gotta each tell, kick back, relax, word up
n**** laid up
bills paid up
s*** is all sunny when he pulled up in a 4-20
we throw these cats on the sideline, lookin all funny
gettin no money, cause they every day clownin
we play around with thousands, a hundred g's where we countin
A hundred G's a show, here we're out kid
(word up word up)
[Chorus] (2x)
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