Black Dust Lyrics

Word up
Somethin new for you
Hear to make moves, get mines automatically
(?) rhyme master, rapidly tragedies
Guns like Butch Cassidy, nasty like d*** Dastardly
As I be gradually (distorted) like (gunshot)
Glowin, blowin, flowin, goin, fast at it like Jesse Owens
Make you throw in, the towel, I will
Do all sorts of moves through all sports
Rhymes blew all thoughts, all crews to dust, it's us
Official, Nastee, the aggy still ghastly
You triple S n****, soft s**y and sassy
We crash, I break your cast, and yes, we get busy
I'ma do my show, get my dough, and lick t******
I'm s*****, I diarrehea on the globe
Fire flee up on your clothes
And like 'squito up on your hoe
In case you didn't know, I stay free flow
Officially, this'll be your chance to see how ill this n****
be, go figure

For every n**** show me love, two n***** hate me
For every b**** that show me love, two b****** tryin to take me
For every n**** show me love, two n***** hate me

Yo, black dust, miraculous
Head rush, hoes blush, it's only us
s***'s lush, s*** we l***, is plush, Lexus
My techs bust, your guns rust, to God trust
Walk the path righteous, priceless
n**** you shine like ice crushed
You get your s*** bust, no more to discuss
n****'s jeal-e-ous, cuz b****** feel us
The wild, rebel-e-ous, hell yes
n***** is whack, we pack dust
Official Nas n***** back us, can't f*** with us
Umm, my gun's wettin, like a open hydrant
Got you hidin, from shots firin
From hot iron
You gotta realize, your block's dyin
Put skis on your knees and start sliding
My clock's timin, not tryin, to see us not shinin
I'm eye blindin, hearts, hearts like a lion
You're not lyin, superstar then a dine in
Your insides cryin, rip your outside in
[Chorus] (repeats)

Schemin in the back
See I'm schemin in the back

[Sticky Fingaz]
Act like you don't know, I put you in the choke hold
Rampage the logos, n**** here is loco
I still get respect if I had no dough
Sport Polo, always keep a low pro
If it's a promo, this n**** here no show
About my no low, I never drive slo-mo
Faster than Go Go, if it ain't me it's so so
Kick in your door, wavin the four four
All you hear is shots until there ain't no more
Hit you with the low blow, you can't go toe toe
I rub elbow, with n***** in cell blo', and New York City
Still in they jail clo'
Old school n***** with Kango, and shell toe
Mix hats with Hydro, and Cocoa
How you gonna f*** with my click if you can't f*** with me solo?
Checkmate, no go
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