Slaughterize Lyrics

Scanning thru my slaughter eyes
I hunter seek my prey
Covert in natures form
I enter to the fray
Warlord warhead
Target locked no compromise
Mindset see red
Re-align engage and neutralize
I bring death divine

Killing is my aim in life
Killing is my aim in life
Killing is my aim in life
Killing is my way of life

Hatred breeds a new regime
To enemies unknown my
My gun becomes my friend
The battlefield my home
One shot one kill
Life becomes a waiting game
Blood shed blood spill
Bullet wears a number not a name
I bring death divine

Death is the one that you fear
Death is the one you never see
Death is the one who haunts you
Death is the ghost in your machine
The day has come for judgement
When justice comes to pass
A bullet screams from nowhere
Laid waste the demons of the past
In a single blast
I bring death divine
Code name slaughterize

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