In Search of Sanity Lyrics

Trapped by this madness
In search of something lost to me
Life has no meaning
In a place that has no heart to bleed
Through walls of glass i stare
With a silence written in my eyes
No love or laughter
Stranger is the passion of the wise
Stand up and fight
Won't someone listen to me now
Stand up and fight
There's is only one me in my mind
I can't find a way out
No one sees what i see
This maze is a white line
In search of
In search of sanity
In search of sanity
Lies taint the mirror
No image of the truth to see
Time lost forever
To the wastelands of insanity
Deep Down inside i pray
For the peace and freedom of my past
Is there no way out
Hope light and reason fading fast
These watching voices
Gaze through this dark and empty shell
Sweet taste of freedom
Lies far inside the wishing well
The slope gets steeper now
On the winding road to set me free
Inside this sorrow
I seek a dream that just can't be
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