Enemy of My Enemy Lyrics

Allied in duality
Revolution born
Formation of a new regime
Troopers of the perfect storm
Grinding gears of conflict
Root effect and cause
Power fuelled intoxication
Breaking down the walls
(pre Chorus)
United we stand divided we fall
Defiant in peace driven by war
Brothers in arms the defenders of faith
Side by side and united in hate

The enemy of my enemy
The enemy of my enemy descends
The enemy of my enemy
The enemy of my enemy becomes my friend
Feeding on brutality
Challenging the crown
Severing the weakest links
Tribal factions duty bound
Violence with discretion
Beating at your door
Fires brun across the land
Raising all before
(pre Chorus)


Designing a scheme of annihilation
Propaganda on a global scale
Puling on the strings of a puppet nation
Blood letting in a golden violent age

(pre Chorus)

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