We're Evil Lyrics

Evil takes my hand - it's with me constantly
Evil is my life - it is my therapy
Evil are my thoughts and my insanity
Evil so good. Evil so me

Evil - You f***** with me, so it had to be
Evil - Thrashing and raging in hell
Evil - See it in my mind, that's all you'll find
Evil - The master of all will return
And in Hell you will burn
'Cause we're Evil
So f*****' Evil
Sweet Evil
Evil is my life - it takes dedication
Evil I present without hesitation
Evil is what I sell, here's my presentation
Evii so good. Evil so me

Evil takes me by the hand
Leads me to the promised land
Changed my life from oh so bland
Living to be Evil
Evil is what I was born to be
It's the only life for me
Raging mad insanity
Evil, f*****' Evil

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