Crazy but Proud Lyrics

You were my hopes, you were my dreams, you were
my goals
You were the reason 1 could live You were my pride, you were my joy, you were my
That's why I took all you would give
You made my life so full, your love for me so pure
You were my only friend, all sorrows you could cure
Chorus 1
But now you're wearing
It starts another bout
Can't take it - let me out
I'm going Crazy But Proud
I'm crazy and proud
Shout it out loud
Crazy But Proud
You took my hopes, you took my dreams, you took my goals
You took away my will to live
You took my pride, you took my joy, you took my love
Now I have no more to give
You left me down and out, begging you for more
You were my suicide - left me passed out on the floor
Just one more time - But will it be the last time?
You make me shake, you make me b**, You make me rage
You make my life so hard to live
You left down, you left sick, you left me poor
You left me, Lord now please forgive
I slammed the door on you, but you just broke it down
I tried to hide from you, but always I was found
So now I try again
But I cannot pretend
That we won't meet again
And I stay Crazy But Proud
I hope and I pray
That they'll always stay
And one day I'll say Sober & Proud
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