Day of the d***ed Lyrics

The world so long has weighed on me
Left me buried and forgotten
But now I've come to pay you back - decomposed and rotting
Digging out with my hand, it blossoms from the earth
Soon my body will be free - I start my second birth
They rise from the dead, coming to take your soul
They are the zombies from the grave, No Mercy is what they show
There's no turning back, the eternal rise
They come for your soul, there's no place to hide
They want you to burn, to burn in Hell
Day Of The d***ed, get on your knees and pray
Day Of The d***ed, 'cause they're gonna take your soul away
For years I've planned out my revenge
How all my dreams come true
The soul you've had while I've had none • I take away
from you
I eat your brain and take your mind and spread the
world with doom
So come with me and I'll unleash the terror and the gloom
So now my rage the world has seen
I return back to the earth
But sleep not easy as you'll see I'll have a new rebirth
Keep a candle lit for me, for to death you'll be a slave
And one day I'll come back for you and take you to your grave
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