Last Night (Can We Move On?) Lyrics

What time is it?
Oh, no
Oh, no
7 a.m. when reality sets in
See, last night we said and did some things
That we shouldn'ta did
I know the morning after's always harder
Than the night before, for sure
Now we're lying here
Trying to figure what we're suppose to do
We're both wondering if we're getting back together
Or I'm leaving you
We had one drink too many, one kiss too many
One "No don't you say another word" too many
And it led us to the morning after

1 - Last night when the love was too strong
We couldn't fight it and you stayed
Just a little too long
So for now it's morning and yesterday's gone
But can we move on?
We ask ourselves "Why oh why" a thousand times, yeah
And separately, silently in our heads
We rehearse the lines
I had a nice time (So did I)
I gotta go now (Me too)
Hit my pager (Certainly)
Call me later (Most definitely)
And then we leave

Later on that day around six
I get a call from you
The slight tremble in your voice let me know
Something wasn't cool
And if I could turn bak the hands of time
I'd go back to yesterday before we lost our mind
To see if we'd do it all again
Repeat 1

Stay or leave, be strong or weak
Decisions, decisions
It all seems so easy
If I knew then what I know now
I'm sure that somehow we'd have no regrets

Repeat 1

Repeat 1 while:
See baby
Last night you just looked so d*** good
Yes, you did
And I was a proud man, proud man
Yes I was

Repeat 1 until fade
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