Kevin Nash Interview (skit) Lyrics

Yeah, I hear ya
Ha, I hope she will tonight
Hey, I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya
Aight, my man Montell
Hit you in the head wit' some phat bangin' tracks
That's for the party
But not for the after-party
If you know what I mean

Now first things first
I'll wanna talk to the fellas
Fellas, no disrespect
Now if you leaving the party without a honey?
Ah, the second half of this album will NOT work for you
Because the second half of this album
Is strictly for the ladies
This is Kevin Nash
And you know ladies how I like to do it
Now if you feelin' this the way I'm feelin' this?
Take your panties off
Now if you're stuck up, just pull 'em to the side
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