Let's Ride Lyrics

feat/Master P and Silkk "The Shocker"

[Master P]
You like that, huh?
Remember me?
Let's get roudy
Let's ride
Yeah, yeah
Yo, Montell when you walk
They be goin' to the lobby ya'll
Tell the bellman I need some more towels up here
When you see shorty?
The one that's sittin on them 20's?
Tell him in 504 she's still 'bout me, you heard?
Let's get roudy

You know Montell's 'bout it, 'bout it
Master P's 'bout it, 'bout it

Stepped in the club
After my show
You know the spot
Where everybody's on the low low
That's when I saw her
She saw me
She told me she like Master P
And Montell occassionally
So I laid back
Put a $50 in my mouth
Said I wanna see you shake it girl
Cuz that's what that 'bout it, 'bout it's about
All the n****'s in the club
Was jealous of me
Cuz I waited for it and I stayed for
And I'm d*** near 'bout to pay for it

1 - Let's ride
All night
I don't doubt it
Your love is 'bout it, 'bout it
And I'm so excited
Girl, I wanna ride it

Let's Ride
Can't do without it
Your love is 'bout it, 'bout it
And I won't deny, babe
Girl I wanna ride it
Now baby what's more than incredible
She did her thing
5'5" 146, swinging nothing but a g-string
Her chocolate lips and
s**y thighs
Sittin' properly up on top of me
She's riding, ain't no stopping me now
She bounced back
Then rocked slow
Like she's auditioning to kick it in my video
There ain't no limit
To what she'd do
I'm listening, she's whispering
Her girl wanna ride me too

Repeat 1

She's moving up and down
And round and round tonight
Moving up and down
And around and around
She's moving up and down
And round and round, let's ride
Oh baby ain't nothing like the real thing
[Master P]
See us soldiers do it wild
I could make you smile
Make my nine go pow
Put on your boots let's run some miles
Camouflage on them sheets
Make that head board squeak
Up and down 'till you weak
Cuz us thug like a feak
Sixty eight will be my code
If you 'bout it girl, let's roll
I told you was no limit
Cuz tonight anything goes

Anything goes, let's roll
Lemme help you take up off your clothes
Give me a preview before
And the rest after the show
Thug love mixed with cream
Hennessey, strawberries, and Moet
Champagne, mo' in the bath havin' a hot tub
Drop a foot off a Oriental Rug
Can't get enough
You on top of me
Me on top of you
Do what you want to this thug
Girl ain't no stopping you

Repeat 1

Coming to breakfast
Go tomorrow
Yeah, I'm coming wit you
Me and Silkk, fool

Told ya'll there wasn't no limit
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